Simian Sound Wall

 The  Simian Sounds zone is one of my favorite zones in the Narrows. There is  clean granite for the areas that combines sport moves above bolts with  bomber trade placements. The approach is a little complex and steep so  take your time. A few newly installed fixed lines will help guide you.  The Simian Sounds zones has many hanging belays and tight belay stances  so I recommended a team of two. 


Proto Language 5.9

Check  out the new lower pitch called Proto Language that will take you  directly to the Spunk Monkey belay. (You can also exit the pitch early  to the right and get to the Mechanical Doll Fight belay.) Proto Language  starts on a slab for a few bolts before steepening into a left facing  corners with several trad placements. There is a final cruxy bolted  headwall in white rock before the Spunk Monkey belay. The pitch is brand  new so expect to have to blow off a few holds and as always wear a  helmet. The following picture shows Proto Language and Spunk Monkey.  There are several other routes in the picture not depicted. Check out  page 250 in the Wester Sloper for the full details.

Spunk Monkey 5.10

Ascend a fantastic right facing corner with bolts.